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2010 Letters from Angel Exhibit May Include Seunggi?
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(HHJ in October; LSG in June ~ twitter@4Portrait)
Photographer Cho Sae Hyun tweeted this photo of Han Hyo Joo with his dog saying she was taking part in the Letters from Angel project.  I thought the dog looked very familiar.  And I remembered the photos of Seunggi with the dog from Photographer Cho’s twitter back in June.  He didn’t specify the nature of the photo shoot, but maybeit was also for the 2010 Letters from Angel exhibit?!  (LSGfan’s only speculating; Don’t know the 2010 participant list yet.)  But Seunggi’s already participated in the project twice in the past.  Info from Icon Studio website ~
8th annual Letters from Angel photo exhibit
December 15-21, 2010
InSa Art Center in Seoul
Seunggi ~ BTS photo with Photographer Yun’s dog, ChaDol…
Han Hyo Joo ~
Yoon Shi Yoon ~
Photographer Cho Sae Hyun ~
Photos of Seunggi from past exhibits… See more at TiAmo’s blog post
credit : lsgfan.wordpress

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