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" Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. "

[DL+Lyrics] Miss A Suzy – You’re My Star (Dream High 2 OST Part 2)
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Hangul :

눈부시게 빛날 날이 올거야.
그때까지 네 곁에 있어 줄게.
햇살이 가득한 벤치에 앉아서
너를 꼭 안아줄거야.

늘 가까이 에서 나를 바라봐주던
따뜻한 네 마음을 알아.
넘어진 내게 다시 일어나라며,
말없이 빛을 비추네.

너는 별, 이 세상 가장 큰 별,
어두워진 내 맘 비추는
너는 별 이 세상 가장 큰 별,
얼어붙은 나를 녹이네.

저 하늘 높이 날아 오를거야.
너도 내 곁에 있어줄래?
하늘 위에 별빛 가까이 앉아서
손을 꼭 잡아 줄거야.

지친 어깨 위에 손을 내밀어 주던
니가 있어서 다행이야.
눈물을 닦고 다시 두 팔을 벌려
용기를 낼 수 있었어.

Romanization :

nunbusige bitnal nari olgeoya.
geuttaekkaji ne gyeote isseo julge.
haessari gadeukhan benchie anjaseo
neoreul kkok anajulgeoya.

neul gakkai eseo nareul barabwajudeon
ttatteutan ne maeumeul ara.
neomeojin naege dasi ireonaramyeo,
mareobsi bicheul bichune.

neoneun byeol, i sesang gajang keun byeol,
eoduwojin nae mam bichuneun
neoneun byeol i sesang gajang keun byeol,
eoreobuteun nareul nogine.

jeo haneul nopi nara oreulgeoya.
neodo nae gyeote isseojullae?
haneul wie byeolbit gakkai anjaseo
soneul kkok jaba julgeoya.

jichin eokkae wie soneul naemireo judeon
niga isseoseo dahaengiya.
nunmureul dakkgo dasi du pareul beollyeo
yonggireul nael su isseosseo.

Translation :

Dazzling and shining days will come
Till then, I will stay by your side
I will sit on a bench filled with sunshine
And I will hug you tightly

I know your warm heart
That always looked at me from close
You told me, who fell, to stand up again
And wordlessly shone a light on me

* You're my star, the biggest star in the world
Shining a light on my darkened heart
You're my star, the biggest star in the world
Melting me, who was once frozen

I will fly high to that sky
Will you stay by my side too?
I will sit close to the starlight in the sky
And hold tight to your hand

I'm thankful for you, who extended your hand
On my exhausted shoulders,
I was able to wipe my tears, spread my arms
And gain courage once again

* repeat (x2)

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