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[Info] - Let's Vote Lee Jun Ki ( 이준기) in Yahoo ! Asia Buzz Award 2010...
Saturday | 0 comments
Hi.. Lee Jun Ki fans..Yahoo! Asia Buzz Award 2010 come again

The award will be held on 17 December 2010 in Hongkong


please vote LEE JUN KI ( 이준기 in Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2010...
We need ur participation in providing votes for Lee Jun Ki in the this event.

Voting instructions:
1) Login to your Yahoo account
3) Roll the mouse over to see the navigation bar and select the first option.

4) Next, click on his name ( 이준기 )  /photo

 5) You will be directed to another page as shown in the print screen below. And once again, click on box circled in red. 

 6) Finally, a popup window will appear with a rectangular box which says "Vote". Click on it to complete your vote! 


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