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" Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. "

Endless Rainy Season
Saturday | 3 comments
"Endless Rainy Season" is a song composed by Choi Jun Hee.
hmm..very nice song =) and Liriknya bakalan bikin readers galau.. haa


그대에게 내 맘을 제대로 전했었다고 생각했었는데


전하지 못했나봐요

점점 멀어져가는 그대와 나의 거리

비가 쏟아져서 나의 목소리가 분명 들리지 않았던거야
雨が降りしきって 私の声がはっきり聞こえなかったよ

바람이 불어서 나의 목소리가 묻혀버린거야
風が吹いて 私の声が埋れてしまったよ

비야 내리지 말아줄래
雨 降らないで

비가 와서 그 사람이, 그사람에게 내 마음이 가지 못하잖아
雨が降って 彼が 彼に私の心が行けないじゃない

비야 제발 멈추어줄래 부탁할게 그 사람과 헤어지고 싶지않아
雨 お願い 止まってくれる? お願いする 彼と別れたくない


그대에게 내 맘이 제대로 들렸을거라 생각했었는데


들리지 않았나봐요 내게 돌아오지 않는 그대의 대답
聞こえなかったみたい 私に返ってこないあなたの答え

하늘이 흐려서 어두워서 내 모습이 보이지 않았던거야
空が曇って 暗くて 私の姿が見えなかったよ

천둥소리가 커서 나의 목소리가 묻혀버린거야
雷の音が大きくて 私の声が埋れてしまったよ

비야 내리지 말아줄래 비가 와서 그 사람이, 우산이 없는 그 사람이 오지 못하잖아
雨 降らないで 雨が降って彼が 傘のない彼がこれないじゃない

비야 제발 멈추어줄래 부탁할게 그 사람과 다시 만날 수 있게
雨 お願い 止まってくれる? お願いする 彼ともう一度 会えるように

사실은 알고 있으니까 그 사람과 나는 처음으로 돌아가지 못해
事実は知っているから 彼と私はもとに戻れない

비야 멈추지 말아줄래 그 사람의 말이, 잘 있으라는 그의 말이 들려버리잖아
雨 止まないで 彼の言葉が元気だと その言葉が聞こえてしまうじゃない

비야 제발 지금처럼만 내려와줘 더 이상은 깨닫지 못하게
雨 お願い 今のようにだけ降って これ以上悟られないように

끝나지 않는 장마

That was I on yesterday ?
I thought that I had convey my heart to you properly
It's not liked ! It seemed not to be conveing !
His path and my path are going away from each other

The rain is fell into the earth
If I hold my voice it used to be not heard
My voice was burried by the wind blow

Rain oh please ! Don't fall
Rain is came then that guy
Because my heart doesn't belong to that guy
Rain please stop falling
I’m begging to you
I don’t want to be apart with that guy

That was I on yesterday ?
I thought that my heart would be heard by you properly
It’s not liked ! It seemed not to be heard !
Your answer that still didn't come to me

My shape used to be unseen because of the dark and trapped in the falling rain
My voice was burried by the big thunder voice

Rain oh please ! Don't fall
Rain is came then that guy
Because the guy who used the umbrella can’t come
Rain please stop falling
I'm begging to you
So I am able to meet with that guy once again

Once there will have a chance to meet but from the beginning again and again I really can't go out
Rain please don't stop
That guy's heart
Yeah ! Just that because I have heard his words
Rain please fall just like right now

If there's a chance again I can't be waiting for it
Endless raining season... 

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