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Vote for Lee Jun Ki (Joon Gi) at 15th Global Chinese Music Awards!!
Friday | 0 comments
Chinggu... yuk dukung Jun Ki oppa di 15th Global Chinese Music Awards!! 

Caranya gampang banget..

langkah-langkahnya bisa diliat disini :

Joon Gi is nominated in the category 'Asian influence most popular fashion actor'
Please... try to vote as much as possible...this is a big event!!
Please cast your online vote for LJK! Very simple, and it’s free! 

(No sign up for account required..just go to site & do your part)

Alternatively go to the last group of nominess before message board...

tab the highlighted tab...look for his pic or name click where the arrow pointing (if click doesn't work...glide the cursor from 1st left最佳电影女演员 to最受欢迎风尚演员)


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