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The First Indonesia Film Festival to be held in Korea
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Indonesia ambassador in Korea and Korean enterprises are holding the first Indonesia Film Festival in Korea to share culture.

On September 26 at CGV Yongsan and Ansan in Korea, 2013 Indonesia Film Festival will be held to celebrate 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Korea. The festival is sponsored by Indonesia Embassy in Korea and CJ CGV, CJ E&M, Indonesia’s Blitz Megaplex and Jive Entertainment. So far very few Indonesian films were introduced in Korea by invitations in several international film festivals but it is the first time collecting various Indonesian films at one place.

As Indonesia is popular for vacation spot Bali in Korea, the country is comprised of 17,508 islands. Thus, the country is developed by many different cultures and produces films in various genres and themes.

At the festival, 9 films will be introduced that made huge hit in Indonesia Box Office and the opening film will be ‘Habibi’ which is the biggest hit in Indonesia. The location where festival is held is also very meaningful in that many foreigners live in those two cities. Now that there are nearly 40,000 Indonesians living in Korea, this festival will be a great chance to experience culture of Indonesia.

The festival begins on September 26 and it will continue until the 30th in Yongsan and 2nd of October in Ansan. More information about the film festival will be available very soon. (photo by CGV).

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