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[Kdrama] Bread, Love, and Dreams (King of Baking, Kim Takgu)
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King of Baking, Kim Takgu (Hangul: 제빵왕 김탁구 Jeppangwang Kim Tak-Gu) also known as Bread, Love, and Dreams is a South Korean drama broadcasted by Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) that aired from June 9, 2010 to September 16, 2010. It tells the story of how a determined young baker manages to become the best baker in all of Korea, facing many trials on his journey, spanning through the 1970s to the 1990s, beginning with his mother's past, through his childhood, and his adulthood, successes, and trials.

Kim Tak-gu is the eldest son of Gu Il Jong, the chairman of Geosung Foods Enterprise, a legend in the baking industry. Although he is an extremely talented baker and seemed destined to succeed his father as president, Gu Il Jong's family plotted to rob him of his inheritance because he was born to Il Jong's mistress. Takgu's determination to become number one in the baking industry drives him to rebuild his career from scratch despite the many trials he faces.

Yoon Si Yoon (윤시윤) as Kim Takgu
Oh Jae Moo (오재무) as Kim Takgu (child)
Lee Young Ah (이영아) as Yang Misun
Eugene (유진) as Shin Yukyeong
Jo Jung Eun (조정은) as Shin Yukyeong (child)

Gu family
Jun Kwang Ryul (전광렬) as Gu Il Jong
Jun In Hwa (전인화) as Seo Insuk
Joo Won (주원) as Gu Majun
Shin Dong Woo (신동우) as Gu Majun (child)
Choi Ja Hye (최자혜) as Gu Ja Kyung
Ha Seung Ri (하승리) as Gu Ja Kyung (teen)
Kang Ye Seo (강예서) as Gu Ja Kyung (child)
Choi Yoon Young (최윤영) as Gu Ja Rim
Kim So Hyun (김소현) as Gu Ja Rim (child)

Other characters
Jung Sung Mo (정성모) as Han Seung Jae
Jang Hang Sun (장항선) as Pal Bong (Mi Sun's grandfather)
Park Sang Myun (박상면) as Yang In Mok (Mi Sun's father)
Hwang Mi Sun (황미선) as Oh Young Ja (Mi Sun's mother)
Park Sung Woong (박성웅) as Jo Jin Goo
Lee Han Wie (이한위) as Heo Gap Soo
Jun Mi Sun (전미선) as Kim Mi Sun
Jung Hye Sun (정혜선) as Madam Hong
Kwon Yong Woon (권용운) as Shin Bae (Yoo Kyung's father)
Park Yong Jin (박용진) as Go Jae Bok
Kang Chul Sung (강철성)

source : wikipedia


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