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" Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes. "

You’re Beautiful Quotes
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Hayoo...siapa yg kngen A.N.Jell???ngaku ..wkwkk.

Here this..Quotes spesial..moga bisa ngobati kangen kamu^^


"I can see one special star right now. It's the start which is loved by many people. If I join the number of those who loved that star, it wouldn't be a crime, right? 

"im looking on that star, would it be okay to like it?" 

"I wish I could be invinsible so that no one would see me crying." 

"Please don't keep on holding on to me anymore because I don't wish to hurt you anymore.." 

"My star is crying in the dark, what should I do?"

"I am too ashamed of my heart and I just want to hide it in the dark.." 

"If im far away, I'll search for stars and think of you" 

"Still, you cant force her to love you.. If its not meant to be then it cant be."

"I wish that the world can be quiet so I can make sure my heart heard it right."

Hwang TaeKyung

"Those shoes should fit for her to be Cinderella.." 

"I can see you enough to know you are here.."

"Go Mi Nam, have always been crying everytime I didn't see you?"

"You may not be an ungrateful person since you came all the way here to find me.." 

"Seeing her like that surprised me, being close to that person got me mad. And after seeing them together, I felt pain. If I felt that pain I loose!" 

"Please don't be where I can't see you!" 

"I am going to tell you this everyday so listen carefully.. I LOVE YOU" 

"You can not hear it because im only yelling it inside my heart."


"Not telling her that you'll wait for her is the same thing as not waiting at all!"

"The world is round, so no matter how far away you go, just like the magic bus, you'll immediately return to the place where you belong." 

"Liking someone is not a sin." 

"The writer said: 'those who didn't love are guilty..' It means that, those who love , no matter who they love, are guiltless."

"When I thought of you as a guy, it was okay with me. When I found out that you're a girl, it was also okay with me. But if you like TaeKyung, I can't be okay with it. Why, why not me?" 

Kang Shin woo

"Compared from when he (Mi Nam) first lost it, he seemed more upset when he said, he's not ging to look for it." 

"Its only the person who hold on till the very end can say they let go of someone." 

"You're almost there, just one more step ahead.."

"Even though I haven't confessed to her yet, I fell like; I've been rejected a hundred times already." 

"Since I knew that you're a girl, I've been looking out for you, trying to help you with all my heart. But for some point, I started falling for you." 

"I really don't want to see you cry anymore." 

"Until someone will come to love her, I will just stay like this beside her. Because this is a love im happy to give and I wont expect anything in return." 

Others : 

"I may wear the princess' dress, but got all the treatments!" 

"May be, you don't get embarrased when you're discovered when you're being fake, but being discover when you're being real will make you feel embarrasing."

-Yoo He Yi

"Letting the one you love go away is not love." 

"You are the last so you're the safest one.." 
-Manager Ma



"Then, i must be something like the moon,
using the light of a star like you?"
~ Go Mi Nam

"But the moon is not completely useless..
because even though there are may other stars at night,
the only thing i can see is the moon.."
~ Hwang Tae Kyung


"Im looking on that star, would it be okay to like it?"
~ Go Mi Nam


"I was able to find you by thinking of you!"
~ Go Mi Nam

"You may not be an ungrateful person,
since you came all the way here to find me.."
~Hwang TaeKyung


"Its not a sin to like someone."

"That writer wrote, ‘Everyone who doesn’t love is guilty.’
That means that anyone who loves,
no matter who they love, is guiltless.”

"You were last place, so you’re the safest one.”
~Manager Ma

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter. If I let it make me feel bad, I lose.”
~Hwang Tae Kyung


“Since today is the day you were born, it is a truly precious day.
Thank you for being born.”
~Go Mi Nam

credit : CHAIJING's blog


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